Once you've prepared, it's time to engage! Visuals are a powerful tool to help engage with your target audience. Insert these videos, photos, and graphics into presentation slides, share them on social media, or embed them on your own website. When creating your own, make sure to check out framing with visuals, our guide to using photos, graphics, and video. Find guidance on creating social media accounts to engage with your audiences and sample posts in the Social Media section.



A collection of static and animated graphics. Click on each graphic to download a file you can post on social media or use in presentations.


Click on each photo to download a full-size image. Some photos require photographer credit. Those have "CREQD" at the end of the filenames. Information on who you should credit is listed underneath the filename. If no credit is listed, the default is, "Image provided by The 50 State Afterschool Network."

Find more STEM photos here.

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